What is Life Steal in LoL?

Life Steal Definition
Life Steal Definition

Life steal in League of Legends is a stat that allows champions to regain health from a percentage of the damage they deal to enemies. It is an essential survivability mechanic that helps sustain champions, especially those who rely on basic attacks or sustained damage to be effective.

Difference Between Omni Vamp and Life Steal?

There is a distinction between Lifesteal and Omnivamp. While both stats allow champions to regain health based on the damage they deal, they differ in the types of damage that are eligible for healing.


  • Lifesteal allows champions to regain health based on the physical damage they deal to enemies.
  • It only applies to physical damage dealt through basic attacks and physical damage abilities.
  • Lifesteal does not provide any healing from magic damage or true damage sources.


  • Omnivamp is a more comprehensive form of sustain that allows champions to regain health based on all types of damage they deal, including physical, magic, and true damage.
  • Omnivamp applies to damage dealt through basic attacks, abilities, item effects, and any other source of damage output.
  • It provides a consistent means of sustaining health, regardless of the champion's primary damage type or abilities.

The main difference between Lifesteal and Omnivamp is the scope of damage types that trigger healing. Lifesteal is limited to physical damage, while Omnivamp encompasses all damage sources.

How to Calculate Life Steal?

The amount of health regained from Lifesteal is determined by the damage you deal and any damage reductions your opponent may have. For instance, if you deal 200 physical damage with 25% Lifesteal, and your enemy has a 50% damage reduction, you will receive only half the expected healing. This is because the damage reduction reduces the effective damage dealt, which then reduces the amount of health regained through Lifesteal.

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