What is "Mid" in League of Legends?

Mid Definition
Mid Definition

in LoL, Mid is short for "middle lane", one of the 5 positions in the standard League of Legends map Summoner's Rift. The other 4 roles are: Top Lane, Support, ADC, and Bottom Lane. 

Mid lane is typically controlled by AP (ability power) mages or assassins that rely on levels and gold to deal magic damage.

How to Be a Good Mid Laner?

To dominate your games as a mid lane carry, start by mastering 3-4 versatile champions like Orianna, Ahri and Viktor with strong lane trades and teamfight presence. Flawlessly last hit to accelerate your gold and XP gains. Respect jungle gank paths and track the enemy jungler. Once ahead, aggressively shove waves and roam sidelanes to transfer leads with ganks and objectives.

In skirmishes and teamfights, position safely to unleash your high damage onto priority targets like the ADC. Itemize wisely each game by scouting for magic vs physical damage threats on the enemy team. Learn to freeze, bounce and slow push waves to deny farm and set up ganks. Identify and burst down isolated carries as assassins, or siege and find flanks as long range mages.

Focus objectives after securing kills to open up the map. Mastering essential mid fundamentals like wave manipulation, roaming, farming and teamfighting will make you a steady climbing threat from the crucial carry role of mid.

Should you play as a Mid Laner?

Mid lane is an impactful carry role that's rewarding to main if you enjoy playmaking champions, influencing the map, and winning lane. Mid laners like mages and assassins can takeover games when fed with their high damage kits. The short lane lets them farm quickly and hit power spikes faster too. Roaming from mid is powerful for ganking sidelanes and securing objectives after a pick. Climbing as a mid main is very viable since you can consistently pressure the map. Just be prepared to learn many matchups and remain flexible in your champion pool. While mechanically intensive champs like Zed are alluring, focus on fundamentals first before one-tricking Lee Sin. Consider also that autofilled mids may struggle against experienced mains. But if you have the game knowledge and desire to master a high skill-cap role, excelling at mid can definitely carry games, so choose this lane if it suits your playstyle!

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