The Best Valorant Players in 2024

By Muhammad
The Best Valorant Players in 2024

When it comes to competitive Valorant, there are some players that are just so good, that their opponents get scared as soon as they hear their names. These Valorant players are absolute legends that everyone fears going up against.

As we look at the top Valorant players in 2024, we'll focus on the handful that are considered the total best of the best. More than just having a great aim or knowing how to use their abilities well, these players have amazing all-around game sense and skills that make them seem almost unbeatable.

The top Valorant players for 2024 are Demon1, aspas, f0rsakeN, Derke, and, Boaster. These players are highly skilled and experienced in playing Valorant, which makes them a valuable asset to any team. 

5. Demon1 


Securing the #5 spot is Max "Demon1" Mazanov, a player who has silenced all doubters through his incredible achievements. Despite being a relative unknown before bursting onto the Valorant scene in 2022, Demon1 quickly proved his mettle. Coming from the arena-shooter Unreal Tournament 4, many questioned whether he could transition to an elite esport like Valorant. However, it didn't take long for Demon1 to convert the skeptics into adoring fans.

His crowning moment came when he led Evil Geniuses to the prestigious Valorant Champions 2023 title, taking home the MVP honors. Demon1's status as an all-time great. From an underdog grinding in the underground, he has now etched his name among the best Valorant players in the world in 2024.

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4. Aspas


Coming in at #4 is Erick "Aspas" Santos - considered by many to be the absolute best player overall in Valorant right now. Aspas specializes in playing duelist agents like Jett, whose abilities allow him to aggressively attack and secure the first crucial kills for his team.

What makes Aspas so dominant is his combination of supreme confidence and pinpoint accurate aiming skills. He excels at using Jett's abilities to quickly take control of areas on the map and set up favorable 1vs1 situations that he nearly always wins. Not only Jett, but he is also insane with Reyna. Check out this insane ACE by Aspas with Reyna.

3. f0rsakeN


At just 19 years old, Jason "f0rsakeN" Susanto has burst onto the global Valorant scene as one of the game's brightest young stars. Playing for the Indonesian team Paper Rex, f0rsakeN and his squad have turned heads with their bold, aggressive playstyle - earning them the moniker "WGaming" founders.

What truly sets f0rsakeN apart and secures his spot at #3 on this list is his remarkable versatility across virtually every agent in Valorant. While most pros specialize in specific roles or classes, f0rsakeN possesses an uncanny ability to master them all. His deep understanding of each agent's abilities and utilities allows him to seamlessly adapt his playstyle to whatever comp Paper Rex runs.

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2. Derke


Securing the #2 spot is the Russian phenomenon Nikita "Derke" Sirmitev, who has taken the Valorant world by storm after making the transition from CS:GO. This former FPS prodigy has proven his skills effortlessly translate across titles, rapidly becoming one of the most feared and dominant players in Valorant.

What makes Derke's rise to the top even more impressive is his ability to win it all shortly after switching games. In 2023 alone, he etched his name in Valorant lore by leading his team to glory at two of the biggest events - Masters Tokyo and LOCK//IN Sao Paulo. These premier tournament victories showcased Derke's unshakable poise and clutch gene on the biggest stages.

Not only Derke is a superstar but he also cares about his fans and tries to mentor everyone through his Twitter! This thread explains how you can be a good duelist.

1. Leo - Best Valorant Player in 2024


The absolute best Valorant player in the world is the one and only Leo "Leo" Jannesson. This Swedish gaming superstar is #1 because of his mind-blowing skills and mastery of initiator agents like Skye and Fade.

What makes Leo so incredibly good is his combination of insane aiming talents along with genius-level ability usage. His aim is already elite, allowing him to win most one-on-one gunfights. But it's the way he uses his abilities that makes him the very best.

To fans, analysts, and even fellow pro players, Leo "Leo" Jannesson is the complete package. His unmatched talents combined with his elite game intelligence make his domination unquestionable in 2024. He may go down as one of the all-time Valorant greats.

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Honorable Mentions - Best Valorant Players

While we couldn't include every amazing Valorant pro on our list for 2024, this honorable mentions section gives a shout-out to all the other legendary players who nearly made the cut with their insane skills and jaw-dropping highlights.


One honorable mention that definitely deserves recognition is the Turkish prodigy Emir "Alfajer" Beder. Despite being just 18 years old, Alfajer has already won an impressive $150k from tournaments and plays for the famous Fnatic team. His amazing talents at such a young age have many people thinking Alfajer could become the best Valorant player in the future.

Alfajer's rapid rise and huge accomplishments at his age are simply astounding. He seems to have an endless ceiling and all the potential in the world to one day claim the #1 spot on lists like these. Alfajer's bright Valorant future shines brilliantly, making him an honorable mention well worth watching in 2024 and beyond as he continues developing his immense skill. Fnatic knows how valuable he is, that’s why they extended Alfajer’s contract till 2026!


Another player deserving an honorable mention is Jake "Boaster" Howlett, one of the greatest in-game leaders in Valorant. A veteran member of Fnatic, Boaster has racked up over $200k in winnings thanks to his brilliant tactical mind and leadership skills.

As an IGL, Boaster's ability to devise strategies and call the shots in-game is second to none. He has a deep understanding of the metagame that allows him to outmaneuver and outwit opponents. Under his expert guidance, Fnatic has found tremendous success on the biggest stages - That’s why Fnatic decided to extend its contract with Boaster till 2025


No list of Valorant's elite would be complete without giving props to the aimgod himself, Tyson "TenZ" Ngo. This Canadian superstar has built a reputation as having some of the craziest raw aiming talent in the entire scene.

TenZ's abilities with the mouse and keyboard are downright otherworldly at times. His clips of incredibly crispy one-taps, lightning-fast flickshots, and utterly insane clutch plays have gone insanely viral, making him a must-watch entertainment factor.

Even among a star-studded pool of players, TenZ stands out as an honorable mention for his ceiling-shattering aiming potential alone. When he gets hot, there are quite simply few players who can compete with his perfect crosshair placement and snap shooting prowess. His highlight reel in 2024 is must-see content.

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