What does CS mean in League of Legends?

CS Definition
CS Definition

CS in League of Legends typically stands for "creep score". It refers to the number of minions, neutral monsters and wards last hits that a player has accumulated over the course of a game. Having high CS doesn't directly win games, but it provides an income and level advantage that helps enable objectives like towers and dragons. 

Players with lower CS will fall behind in items and levels. Here’s how to increase your CS in LoL.

How to Increase CS Score in LoL?

Mastering CS is essential for lane control, map pressure, and securing objectives. It’s a fundamental skill that separates average players from the exceptional ones. To increase your CS score in LoL, there are several strategies and techniques you can employ.

  • Practice last hitting in custom games - Go into a custom game by yourself and focus solely on last hitting minions without using any abilities. See how many minions you can last hit in 10 minutes. Aim for 80-90 CS in 10 minutes. This drills your ability to time your auto attacks properly.
  • Learn your champion's attack animation and damage - Every champion has a different auto attack animation speed and damage output. Go into the practice tool and get a feel for exactly how much damage your auto attacks do and when you need to time them to get the last hit. This understanding will help immensely with CSing.
  • Utilize your champion's abilities to secure CS - Many champions have abilities in their kits that help them quickly waveclear and secure CS, like Anivia's R or Morgana's W. Understand when and how to use your abilities to either push a wave into tower or thin it out to make last hitting easier. Don't waste mana just to CS though.
  • Freeze waves near your tower when possible - Freezing the minion wave right outside your tower makes it much safer and easier to collect CS. The enemy has to overextend to CS while you can freely last hit. Learning proper wave management is key.
  • Watch the enemy minion's health bars - Actively track the health bars of the enemy minions and predict which ones you need to hit to CS properly. Don't just blindly auto attack, focus on timing your hits correctly.
  • Prioritize CS over excessive fighting/roaming - Don't get caught up constantly fighting or roaming as a laner. Pay attention to big minion waves crashing into towers and rotate to collect all that farm.
  • Glance at the minimap often - Having good map awareness helps you spot big minion waves pushing that you can rotate to catch. Use the minimap to identify CS opportunities.
  • Build items that improve CSing - Prioritize damage and attack speed items to make last hitting easier. Items like Noonquiver for ADCs make a big difference.

Mastering CS takes a lot of dedication, but it is one of the most vital skills to improve at League of Legends. Follow these tips to raise your CS numbers and get more fed!

How is CS Calculated in LoL?

CSPM serves as a metric of how well a player is farming gold and experience throughout the game. The rules for creep score in LoL are:

  1. Killing any single lane minion grants 1 CS. This includes melee minions, caster minions, and siege minions.
  2. Killing one of the Rift Scuttlers grants 4 CS.
  3. Killing a full jungle camp of neutral monsters is worth 4 CS.
  4. The Rift Herald, Baron Nashor, and Elemental Drakes also give 4 CS.

So a player's creep score is the sum of all lane minions slain, neutral monsters killed, and epic monsters taken. The game automatically tallies this up in the scoreboard. A higher CS indicates superior farming skills and income. CS per minute (CSPM) is the average CS earned per minute, which measures a player's farming efficiency.

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