What does Glass Cannon mean in League of Legends?

Glass Cannon Definition
Glass Cannon Definition

The term Glass Cannon means a champion or a champion’s build that prioritizes high damage over tankiness or survivability. Such champions or builds can deal significant damage but are also highly vulnerable to being eliminated quickly in fights - Assassin Champions.

Glass Cannon Concept

The Glass Cannon is characterized by its high-risk, high-reward nature, most Assassin and ADC champions have builds that you can describe with this term.

  • High Damage Output: Champions built as Full-DMG focuses on maximizing their ability to deal damage, often through items that provide high attack damage (AD) or ability power (AP).
  • Low Defense: To achieve this high damage, defensive stats like health, armor, or magic resistance are often neglected, making these champions susceptible to quick kills if targeted.
  • Positioning: For Glass Cannons, positioning around objectives like Baron or Elder Dragon is critical. Staying out of the enemy's reach while dealing damage is a delicate balance.
  • Role and Champion Types: Typically, mages and marksmen are more likely to adopt a Glass Cannon style, though it can be seen in other roles under specific strategies.
  • Strategic Considerations: Choosing to play as a Glass Cannon requires understanding the matchup, team composition, and the need for positioning and timing in engagements

Playing as or building a champion as a Glass Cannon in League of Legends demands a good understanding of one's role in the team and the mechanics of positioning and targeting in team fights. The ability to unleash high damage must be carefully weighed against the risk of being easily taken down.

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