What is a Hook in League of Legends?

Hook Definition
Hook Definition

A Hook in League of Legends refers to a champion's ability that physically pulls an enemy champion towards the user. These abilities are skill shots that require precision to land and are used to initiate fights, catch out-of-position enemies, or CC the enemy.

Champions with Hook Abilities

In League of Legends, certain champions are known for their iconic hook abilities. These champions are often played in the support role, where their hooks can be game-changing in securing kills or protecting teammates.

Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab
Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab
  • Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab: Pulls the first enemy hit directly to Blitzcrank, and deal them magic damage.
Thresh's Death Sentence
Thresh's Death Sentence
  • Thresh's Death Sentence: Hooks an enemy and allows Thresh to pull himself to them or pull them toward him.
Pyke's Bone Skewer
Pyke's Bone Skewer
  • Pyke's Bone Skewer: Pulls enemies toward Pyke or stuns them if they're already close.

How to avoid Hooks

Hooks are powerful but also come with strategic considerations. Landing a hook can turn the tide of a battle, but missing it can leave the champion vulnerable. Counterplay against hooks involves dodging, using minions as a shield, or positioning strategically to avoid being caught.

  • Vision control: Crucial for setting up surprise hooks or avoiding enemy hooks.
  • Cooldown management: Players must be aware of the hook's cooldown to exploit windows of opportunity.

How to use Hooks correctly

Hook abilities in League of Legends extend beyond just engaging or catching enemies. They are multifaceted tools that can be used in various tactical ways depending on the situation and the specific champion being played.

  • Disruption in team fights: Hooks can be used to disrupt the enemy team's formation by singling out key targets, often leading to a numerical advantage.
  • Peeling for teammates: Hooks aren't just offensive tools. They can be used defensively to pull threats away from vulnerable allies, especially carries.
  • Securing objectives: Hooks can be instrumental in objective control, such as pulling enemies away from Baron Nashor or Dragon to disrupt their attempts at securing these objectives.

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