What is Macro in League of Legends?

Macro Definition
Macro Definition

In League of Legends, Macro refers to the broader strategy and decision-making aspects of League gameplay, beyond just controlling a champion. Micro is different than Macro, make sure to check out our Micro definition to learn more. 

Macro also involves thinking about the overall flow of the game, map movements, knowing when to take objectives, when to group for team fights, managing minion waves, and more.

How to Improve Macro in League of Legends?

The key to leveling up your macro game in League is focusing on high-value skills like map awareness, objective control, vision dominance, and team coordination. Make a habit of glancing at the minimap in lane to track the junglers and watch for gank opportunities. 

Time enemy objectives like dragon and baron and ping your team in advance to contest them. Look to deny vision and control key chokepoints on the map through smart ward placement and sweeper usage.

Manage your minion waves properly to enable roaming or safely farm. Track your win conditions each game and shotcall objectives that align with your team's powerspikes. Think globally and coordinate with split-pushers to pressure multiple lanes. Time your recalls intelligently and avoid overstaying.

Finally, review your macro decision-making after each match and learn from mistakes. With deliberate practice and focusing on the strategic, broader aspects of League, you will find yourself consistently translating small advantages into victories through superior macro play.

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