What is Micro in League of Legends?

Micro Definition
Micro Definition

In League of Legends, Micro refers to the small, detailed actions and decisions a player makes in-game, like controlling a champion's movements, using abilities at the right time, last hitting minions, etc. It's about precise control and execution.

Having good micro skills involves being able to make quick, accurate actions with your champion, like dodging skillshots, landing your own abilities, orb walking, animation canceling, etc.

How to Improve Micro in League of Legends?

Mastering micro play in League requires focused practice across a range of mechanical skills. Try to dedicate time to practice last hitting in empty custom games until you can CS perfectly.

Drill critical skills like orb walking, animation canceling, and skillshot accuracy in Practice Tool. Play micro-intensive champions like Yasuo, Riven, and Zed regularly to force yourself to improve. 

Run drills honing reactive skills like dodging and flashing skillshots quickly. Limit test your champion's capabilities in normal games then review your play and refine what worked. 

Professional players are known for great micro so watch high ELO VODs and pick up tricks. Try to stay focused while playing and actively think about improving mechanics every game. With patience and deliberate efforts targeting the various aspects of micro play, you will gradually unlock cleaner execution and more precise control over your champion.

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